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     Recently, I saw a few videos about robots, and I’m sharing a few videos that I personally find more interesting.

Robot chef

In the video, one robot is preparing the materials needed for cooking, and the other four robots are in charge of cooking. The robot puts the ingredients in the pot in order, and then starts cooking. To avoid the robot being sprayed by the oil due to the high oil temperature during the cooking process, except for the end of the arm, a protective jacket is worn on the other parts. And the cooking action is relatively slow, just like a novice cooking, looking at the recipe while considering what ingredients should be put, the picture is funny and cute.


Sparring Robot

At a product exhibition of the Japanese brand Omron, the robot is playing table tennis with a human. It can be seen that the robot can safely catch the 20 balls from the opponent. However, the speed of receiving the ball is not fast. the robot will definitely lose if it is the competition. But the robot can play a role as a table tennis train partner, I believe there would be not worry about finding someone to practice table tennis in the near future


Dessert and Drink Chef

The staff set up a working procedure for making ice cream on the robot. I saw the robot first picked up the ice cream with the cup, turned his head to pick up the chocolate, then used the instrument to make the beautiful design, and finally placed the cup on the position where the cup was sent to the guest, pressed the notification bell and waved goodbye to the guest.

Every force and every movement of the robot's hand shaking milk tea is set by the staff's standards. After the milk tea is made, it is poured into the cup and delivered to the guests. You can see that some milk tea is still splashing out, and the intensity may need to be adjusted by the staff.

The video shows that the robot is holding the filter cup in one hand, and the coffee brewing pot in the other hand. The coffee powder is ready (whether the coffee powder is prepared by the robot is unknown), and it starts to make the coffee. A cup of hand-made coffee is ready in a short while.


The above videos refreshed my understanding of robots. It turns out that they can bring us so much convenience. But for me, in the development of society, some things can use the magical power of robots, and some things can be done by yourself. For example, hand-made coffee, If the robot does it, it's pretty standard, but the human-made would not be the standard, even have errors. If the coffee brewed today is not as good as yesterday. I will remind myself that I must work hard to make progress and learn how to brew a good cup. If I did it, it would be success and joy. So this is the reason why robots cannot replace all of human life, after all, they are also made by humans.

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