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New Robots

The previous robots were very large in terms of size and weight. The single function and production efficiency, as well as the large footprint, brought inconvenience to robot owners.

With the development of robotics research technology, new small robots development becomes more and more popular. The appearance of the new small robot combines size and lightweight design, this type of robots becomes compact, light and flexible, reducing investment costs, transportation costs (transporting the robot to the customer), at the same time, the footprint is greatly reduced.

And new robots can also be used in many industries, such as electronics, food and beverage processing, machinery production, solar energy, medical and pharmaceutical industries, and scientific research and development industries. Low cost and high efficiency are the most important features of the new robot.

Looking at ABB’s documentation, Nicolas De Keijser, the company’s product manager, commented on the future role of new robots in social development: “During the development of our fourth-generation multi-purpose robot series, we realized The robot can still provide consistent high performance. By supporting the consumer, electronics, solar and medical fields, we are also expanding our product portfolio, which will help more manufacturers realize the benefits of robotics ."

Wow, the new robots, that is great!!!

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