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Industrial robots full of artistic atmosphere

In September of this year, Teresa Fischer published an article on Kuka's official blog named Robot x Art. It is about the artistic performance and future plasticity of industrial robots.

The production of robots itself is to promote the development of industrial society and increase productivity. Now even they can be used in art, is really amazing!

There are 4 videos in the article, followed by Dance with robots , Creative Robotics , Art made by robots at the Jewish Museum in Berlin , Portrait from a robot.  And make me see the gentle side of industrial robot.

1)In the first video,Dancers and robots perform together in the Augsburg State Theater. The gorgeous lighting, rhythmic music, and the iconic color of the KUKA robot's appearance: orange + black, the stage effect is very shocking.

The Kuka robot "A" appeared first. At the same time as the prelude sounded, it gave off the small sparks. Then a dancer appeared on the stage and performed a robot dance, as if to say hello to A. After A realizes that the dancer starts to move slowly, he studies the "stranger" carefully and "greets" with the same dance movements.After A gave the dancer a towel and banana, the other two robots also appeared on the stage together. The three robots swayed to the rhythm of the music and emitted infrared-like lights. This scene reminds me of the scene of the bumblebee dancing in the movie Transformers.

If this video is used as a robot product launch conference of Kuka company, it is also very suitable.

2)The second video was shot at the Ars Electronica Center of the Museum of the Future in Linz, Austria. The staff in the video set the working procedures of Kuka robots through the teach pendant and let them work according to the instructions, using materials with higher hardness such as stainless steel to make some creative models. There are also two COMAU robots playing Rubik's Cube in the video.

3)The third video is the performance of Kuka robots writing Hebrew letters with pens at the Jewish Museum in Berlin. In the museum, visitors took pictures and recorded the writing scenes of the robots. The robot is holding a bottle of ink, and one end of the ink is connected to a pen with a line tube. The robot controls the speed of the pen to slowly write each letter.

4)The last video is a robot drawing a work. Each stroke is set in accordance with the program. If it is a famous painting, as long as the program is set up, it is estimated to be able to copy exactly the same. But watching the video with the camera is a bit dizzy because it keeps turning.

The above is my impression of reading the article and video. Please refer to the following website for the source of the article and video.



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