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The Era of Robots

       In this era, robots are widely used in various fields, such as industrial robots, combat robots, scientific research robots etc. It can replace people to do some actions and tasks which are difficult, high-risk or technical, so robots are the excellent invention in this fast-developing modern society.

Due to the limit of the previous robot R&D technology, the old style robot has the following problems: large size, small coverage working area, complex operation, high consumption and easy damage, so it is extremely high cost for repair and replacement.

Many R&D technical engineers and robot production companies have been working hard to improve the efficiency of robots for many years. They upgrate the robots and accessories to improve production capacity and reduce the cost of using robots.

The following are excerpts from some articles of Taming the robot Better safety without higher fences, so that you can better understand robot knowledge:

'Today’s industrial robots are fairly well behaved creatures : doing only what they are programmed to do as long as nobody gets in their way. Since robots move at astonishingly high speeds and carry loads up to 600 kg, humans must keep their distance. The two are usually separated by fences, like visitors and tigers in the zoo. However, the cost of such traditional safety equipment is high and it is slowing the advancement of robotbased automation in highly industrialized countries.'

According to the above article, the safety of robots users is very important. So purchasing high-performance robots and robot accessories can meet the greatest extent needs of users.

Therefore, the performance of working-function, safety and durability is most important point for user to consider when they choose robots. IAS Robot Automation has a long-term stable procurement supply chain to provide high-quality robot accessories products for customers. we will sincerely serve you!

A complete set of robot equipment contains: Robot body, Robot Controller, Robot Power Supply and Teach Pendant.




Teach Pendant & Robot Power Supply


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